Marimar Episode 9

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Premonitions of Marimar's Wedding

Sergio arrives just in time to save Marimar from being raped by Nicandro. Sergio beats Nicandro and the beaten maniac ran away. Sergio gently wakes Marimar and when she woke up, she asks Sergio if he does loves her. He answers her with a tender hug and kisses.

When he asks her what caused her to leave her grandparents home, she cries about her ruined dress. Sergio laughs and assures her that she will have the most beautiful wedding dress she could ever want. He then takes Marimar to a wedding planner and they had a happy time choosing the best wedding gown.

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Marimar shows off her beautiful new wedding gown to her grandparents and asks for Cruz to forgive her for ruining her old dress. Both elders asked her where she got her new dress and she happily declared that Sergio helped her choose it. Both grandparents were quite upset that they didn’t seem to be following tradition. According to custom, a groom should not see his bride in her wedding dress before the wedding day, otherwise this would cause bad luck. Marimar was quite upset about this and hurriedly took off her gown.

Sergio talks to Arturo about what happened to him, Angelika and Renato earlier that day and confides his hesitation about pushing through with his wedding plans. He is getting married in the morning.

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Later that same evening, Marimar wakes up from a bad dream: it was her wedding day and on the altar she and Sergio are being married by Padre Porres with Pancho, Cruz, Fulgoso and Arturo as witnesses. They are about to kiss as husband and wife when an unknow woman shows up with a gun and shouts to stop the wedding. She then fires her gun at Marimar.

Lola Cruz assured Marimar that it is only a bad dream and that tomorrow, she will have a happy wedding day.


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