Marimar Episode 2

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Young Marimar and Angelika

Gustavo keeps looking for his family, now in the hospital where all the plane crash victims and survivors are being tended to. He is getting frustrated as he still has not seen any sign of Lupita or Marimar. His cousin, Esperanza learned that Gustavo and his family are involved in the plane crash and rushes to his side. Gustavo insists that his family is alive and checks every lifeless body that came in the hospital. He was taken aback when he views one of the shrouded bodies. His wife, Lupita, is dead. However no sign of Marimar is found anywhere.

Marimar Philippine TV Series 09
Early the next day, Pancho (Leo Martinez) who is up early to fish, finds a floating body of a little girl. He hurriedly carries the unconscious Marimar back home to his wife, Cruz (Caridad Sanchez). The elderly couple suspect she may have drifted off from the plane crash that they saw the night before. They care for her until she wakes up only to find that she does not remember anything. Cruz, wanting to have a child of her own for a long time, introduced herself as the grandmother of the young girl. She also introduced her husband as the grandfather. The young girl with amnesia asked for her name. Cruz, seeing the necklace reads Marimar and declares that as the young girl’s name. They said that both her parents have been dead and that they are her grandparents who are now caring for her. At first, Pancho had ministrations about keeping Marimar. However he was soon convinced by his wife that she is the answer to their prayers – that of having their own child. Pancho sees how happy Cruz is and relents.

Gustavo does not know if the young MariMar is still alive and sends investigators to find her. Esperanza advised Gustavo to expect the worse as Marimar could have died from the explosion or the sea may have washed her remains somewhere else. He holds the paper with Marimar’s drawing and swears to find his daughter at all cost.

Marimar Philippine TV Series 08
Marimar plays by the seashore in their small island. Sometimes, she sneaks off to the nearby island in search of a playmate. One day, stealing her grandfather’s boat for a while, she goes to the nearby island to find a playmate. Some kids find her necklace attractive and wanted to take it from her. As they ganged up on her, another little girl came to her rescue. Marimar thanked Angelika (Nicole Dulalia) for helping her and the two play together. Angelika goes around with a bag full of beauty cosmetics and accessories. Marimar, not used to this asks why she is always with her bag. Angelika shows that even this early, she already has ambitions of becoming rich and leave the dump she grew up in. The two remain best friends and inseparable despite Cruz’s misgivings. She fears that someone may suspect about Marimar and tell the authorities.

Indeed her fears came into fruition when one day, at the local market, a man is asking around about a girl in the picture – it is Marimar’s! Cruz hurriedly went home, pretending not to know anything about the girl.

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Angelika and Marimar had been roaming the nearby hills when a snake crossed their path. Marimar froze in fear while Angelika found a stick to shoo the snake away. In doing so, she slipped down a steep ravine. Desperately hanging onto a root, she asks for Marimar’s help. Marimar tried to reach for Angelika’s hand but both are too small to reach out to one another. Angelika, now crying tells Marimar not to leave her but Marimar runs away in search of help. Angelika thought Marimar had left her on her own and cries some more. Marimar was able to stop a jeep driven by the local parish priest, Padre Porres (Buboy Garovillo) who immediately went with Marimar to where Angelika had fallen. Reaching the ravine, they see that Angelika had fallen down the incline and is unconscious below.


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  1. Anonymous Says:
    April 16, 2012 at 11:37 PM

    To me, agelika thinking was like a baby, and then she grew up with that attitude, and wwhich is very very bad. And that of marimar, she is very simple mined person and with an open heart.And i think is a very good film for every teenager to watch.

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