Marimar Episode 14

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Lover's Quarrel

Marimar is unhappy about not being able to see Sergio for long periods of time as the latter is lately quite busy with meeting the investors for their resort.
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Angelika comes up with a suggestion for Marimar – why doesn’t she go and bring lunch to Sergio instead, that way she will be able to meet him. Excited and grateful for Angelika’s suggestions, Marimar sets off to ask for Corazons help in the kitchen. She helps Corazon prepare Sergio’s favorite food and packs it in a basket to take to her busy husband.

Sergio is in a closed-door meeting with their resort's foreign investors. Arturo accompanies Marimar to the meeting and implores the secretary to let them in. While Arturo is discussing with the secretary, Marimar sneaks in. She excitedly shares how she prepared lunch for Sergio but the investors and Renato see this as a nuisance and orders Sergio to send her away. Tensed and caught between the pressure of his father and the investors, he scolds Marimar because the latter just would not listen to his pleadings of leaving them alone. Hurt, Marimar goes back to her grandparents' island with Fulgoso.
Marimar Philippine TV Series 67 Back in the island, Marimar does not show herself to her grandparents. She had just told them how great her life is at the Santibanez resort and she does not want them to worry about her. She hides on a nearby cliff as she emotes to Fulgoso about how Sergio had chastised her when she only wanted him to know that she loves him so much and how she took great pains to prepare that special lunch for him.

Sergio finds Marimars note in the lunch basket she left behind. He feels sorry for his harsh actions and goes looking for his wife. When he could not find him anywhere in or near the resort, he suspected she went to her grandparents. Sergio arrives at their home only to find out that Marimar has not been there. This alarms Pancho and Cruz, suspecting that the two had a quarrel.
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Sergio finds MariMar and the cliff where he had proposed marriage to her. He apologises about his actions earlier and asks her to do anything that she wants, even slap him, in order to make her feel better. However Marimar does nothing of that sort instead she says that having Sergio with her, is more than enough to make her happy. Touched at how simple yet profound Marimar’s desires are, Sergio kisses his wife tentatively at first and more passionately as heavy rainfall engulfs them.

The two consummate their marriage for the first time. Later Marimar lies contentedly asleep, Sergio reprimands himself at what he has done. He shouldn’t have been so careless. Now he is in too deep and Marimar deserves a lot more than his empty promises. With his guilt still nagging at him, he carries the still slumbering Marimar back to her grandparents’ hut. He assures them that he will come back for her in the morning.

Pancho asked for Sergio’s confirmation whether he and Marimar did have a misunderstanding and the young man admits this. He said that they have patched things up now and that he will return for Marimar the very next day.

Meanwhile, Angelika plans to use Inocencia to lure Sergio and drive a huge rift between her ex-lover and Marimar.


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