Marimar Episode 15

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Inocencia, Sergio’s New Secretary

Marimar is pleased to find herself in her grandparents home but asks for Sergio. Cruz explained it was her fault as she misses her grandaughter so much that she asked Sergio to leave her with them for a while although Sergio promised to come back for Marimar that day. While Marimar was asleep, Cruz noticed patches of blood on her granddaughter’s clothing. She suspects that the two had just consummated their marriage the night before.
Marimar Philippine TV Series 70 Marimar discloses to Cruz her happiness and how she now knows that Sergio indeed does love her and she cannot wait to be with Sergio again. She acquiesced to stay until after breakfast but declared she must get back to the villa to be with her husband after.

Meanwhile, Sergio meets his new secretary Inocencia. At first Sergio suspects about a conspiracy but seems to have softened after he finds out how efficient and hard-working Innocencia appears to be.
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Knowing Marimar is not in Sergio’s flat, Angelika orders Perfecta to get the jewelry set that Sergio gave Marimar. After much tossing around of the bed, Perfect finds the jewelry hidden in a shoebox and brings it to her boss. Angelika praises Perfecta for a job well done while she ogles at the jewelry set had been wanting to possess for the longest time.

Marimar sneaks back into the resort and Fulgoso reminds her that they really do not need to sneak in anymore as everyone knows her to be Sergio’s wife. However Marimar feels self-conscious in meeting Sergio again in her state – she hasn’t bathe or changed clothing and didn’t want to disappoint Sergio when they meet again. So, seeing the sprinklers are activated, she asks Fulgoso to join her take a bath in the garden. She is screaming and running around happily, chasing Fulgoso when Sergio sees her. He smiles at the scene he is witnessing and calls to his wife, asking what she is doing. She explains that she’s been quite dirty and wanted to be clean before she sees him. He suggested a bath in their home but she reasoned she didn’t want to soil the floors. To this, Sergio runs after her and carries her home.
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Now in a robe, Marimar helps Sergio dry himself up and Corazon bring in food for the couple. Sergio asked his wife to sit on his lap while they share their meal. Angelika sees the two quite happy to be together so she calls Innocencia to reprimand her for not keeping Sergio in the office.

Innocencia, afraid to suffer Angelika’s wrath calls Sergio on his phone telling him that he needs to attend to a meeting with the investors. Sergio grudgingly obliges apologizing to Marimar that he has to go but promised to be back as soon as possible.

Marimar was in the resort lobby when she sees Renato preparing to go fishing. As both share a passion for the sport, Renato invited Marimar to tag along. They were quite happy to share fishing tips and Marimar asked Renato if driving was easy. He told her it was quite basic and she should learn how to drive herself. They were on their way back when they met Angelika and Arturo on the road. The van they were using had problems. Renato asked his wife to ride with them, and Marimar opted to stay with the van to allow the couple some time to be by themselves.
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Sergio was quite impressed at how Innocencia handled their investors. Seeing all seems well at the office, he told Innocencia to hold the fort as he wants to spend dinner with his wife. Innocencia, still following Angelika’s orders to keep Sergio away from Marimar, reminded his boss that they have planned a dinner with their investors. However Sergio left everything to her capable hands and left for home.

Marimar asks Choi if the latter can drive her around the resort to find Sergio as he promised to be back but still isn’t. Choi was about to drive her when Natalie calls Choi reminding him of a task that he must do. Alone in the van, Marimar tries to switch on the engine despite her lack of knowledge in driving. The van emits smoke, and Marimar in her panic locks herself up inside the van. Marimar tries to get out but is unable to find the button to unlock the van, now filled up with smoke. Sergio arrives in time with Arturo who runs off to get a duplicate key. Marimar passes out from inhaling too much of the gas. Sergio carries Marimar out but she is unconscious. He orders those around him to call a doctor quickly as he carries Marimar home.


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