Marimar Episode 6

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Sergio Introduces Marimar to Renato and Angelika

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Sergio brought Marimar to the Santibanez mansion to introduce her to Renato and Angelika. When Renato found out who she was, he reprimanded his son for his poor choice of a wife. Sergio retorted that nothing is wrong with his choice, his mother who had passed away herself chose a poor fisherman to be her husband. This caught the ire of Renato who didn’t want to be reminded by his own son about his impoverished past.

Sergio gave Marimar better fitting shoes and invited her to dine in a restaurant. When the latter found eating difficult using cutleries, Sergio tells the waiter to remove all cutleries as they have decided to eat with their hands. This pleased Marimar and surprised many of the other diners. The two however didn’t care and ate to their hearts content.

Marimar visits Padre Porres telling him about her marriage plans. She also asks the priest to teach her to write her and Sergio’s name so she is able to sign properly on her marriage contract.

Later, Marimar and Sergio were together and Marimar shows him what she’s learned. She also draws a picture of her and Sergio with a huge heart in the middle. This pleases Sergio as he hugs and kisses Marimar tenderly.

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Sergio confides to Arturo how he likes Marimar but still loves Angelika. However he does not really want to go through with the wedding because he does not want to hurt Marimar. He is in a serious pickle on how he would be able to continue hurting and upsetting his parents without having to go through with the wedding.

Meanwhile Cruz gives Marimar a present, her wedding dress which she wore on her own wedding. She tells Marimar that a few adjustments are needed then the dress will be ready for Marimar to use. While sticthing the dress, Cruz got a dizzy spell which alarmed Pancho and Marimar. Marimar runs to Padre Porres and asks for advice as well as some medicine to help her grandmother. The priest tells her that maybe she should take her grandmother to a hospital to get a proper check-up to know what is really wrong with her. Being poor, Marimar said that this would be quite impossible to do as where would they be able to find the money to go through the expensive tests and medication. She goes home to find an unexpected visitor.


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