Marimar Episode 7

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Angelika's Hidden Motives

Marimar Philippine TV Series 35
Angelika tells Marimar that Sergio comes from a rich family and would prefer a more sophisticated wife. She gives out at check of five million pesos to bribe Marimar into not going through with the wedding. Seeing how her grandmother seems to be ill, Angelika pushed Marimar that with five million she could do a lot of things, especially help her sick grandmother get better. But Marimar returned Angelika’s check saying that although they are poor and needed money her love is not for sale. She loves Sergio and she will marry him. This upsets Angelika who leaves immediately.
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Marimar is at the Santibanez villa waiting for Sergio when Nicandro spots her. He approaches her and tells her that she has caught a big fish in the person of Sergio. Nicandro asked her how she did it? Whether she used her “charms” and Marimar is obviously confused about what Nicandro is talking about. He continues to harrass Marimar, even went as far as snatching her arm and asking for a kiss. This enrages Marimar and Fulgoso who barks loudly and bit Nicandro on the leg. Sergio saw this and tells Nicandro to get his hands off Marimar. He also reprimands the man that should this happen again, he will be searching for a new job. Nicandro swear vengenace on both Marimar and Fulgoso.

Marimar tries to teach Sergio to dance but the young man admits to having two left feet when it comes to dancing. She shows his her moves and encourages him to follow her. He dances consciously and he sees how natural all this comes to Marimar. They hug and kiss again with Marimar expressly admiting her love for Sergio. This stunned Sergio who was unable to say the same thing to Marimar. This gives a cloud into their happy day – with Marimar left thinking that maybe Sergio does not really love her...but how come he asked her to marry him if he didn’t?

Angelika tells Monica that Sergio is only using Marimar to make her feel jealous but she is certain that Sergio still loves her. She is thinking of a way to get rid of Marimar so that she will have Sergio all to herself like before.
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Meanwhile Renato confronts Angelika about a matter worth five million pesos. This amount had been taken off their joint savings. Angelika said she took it but did not use it and that the money is still available. Renato warns her about her feelings for Sergio and that he will kill her first before she ever betrays him.

Renato asked Monica out for lunch and interviews her about what Angelika has been telling her about Sergio.


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