Marimar Episode 4

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Sneaking to Hacienda Santibañez

Marimar Philippine TV Series 22
In a sexy red and black gown, Angelika appears before her guests as a party for her birthday is being held at the Santibanez resort. Renato appears as the doting and appreciative husband, only until Sergio makes a surprise appearance at the party.

Feeling all eyes upon him and Renato not really pleased at his appearance, Sergio requested food to be sent to his room instead and left the party with a tensed Angelika.

Meanwhile, Marimar brought home to Pancho and Cruz a sumptuous meal and the three enjoyed their meal, thanks to Sergio. Marimar cannot stop thinking and talking about him.

Sergio is drinking with his friend and driver, Arturo (Marky Lopez) who is also his confidante. He is brooding about the fact that his very own father snatched his girlfriend away from him and went off to marry Angelika. He swears revenge and brews a plan to realise this.

The next day, Marimar was by the Santibanez gate hoping to catch a glimpse of Sergio. She again asks Fulgoso’s help in distracting the guard so she can enter the premises. She did make it through the gate but Angelika with her side-kick Monica (Sheena Halili) saw her and asked the guard to send her away being filthy and unfit for a high class resort as theirs. Marimar chose to wait for Sergio by the road, hoping he may drive by and indeed he did!

Sergio teases Marimar if she is waiting specifically for him to pass by. Marimar is surprised that Sergio remembered her name. Sergio then asks Marimar if she ever changes her clothing or takes a bath, or even wears shoes. To this Marimar honestly replies that she only has two pairs of clothes and though she does have slippers, she prefers to walk barefoot on the beach. She also admits that she swims a lot and that’s almost the same and taking a bath...but ponders on this on her way home.

Marimar Philippine TV Series 23Marimar Philippine TV Series 24
The next day, Marimar asks the help of Lola Cruz so she can properly bathe herself. She uses soap and exclaims how wonderful it is to bathe despite feeling cold from the water. Then after a change of clothes, she hurries off to the Santibanez mansion to show off her newly-bathed self to Sergio.
Marimar Philippine TV Series 25 Marimar Philippine TV Series 26
On her way to the mansion, she looks down and laments at how filthy her feet have become despite just having had a bath. Fulgoso runs after the sight of Sergio’s car and Marimar tried to run after him but got hit by another car.


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