Marimar Episode 17

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Sergio's Real Feelings

Marimar refuses to go back to Villa Santibañez even when Sergio came to apologize to her in her grandparent’s home. Lolo Pancho explained to Sergio that Marimar grew up never having to deal with feelings like jealousy as she was the center of both grandparents’ attention. She never had to deal with anger or frustration either being quite carefree and even naive on so many things. Sergio declares he does know and understand this. He said he’ll give Marimar some time to mull it over then come back to collect her. Pancho said he will talk to Marimar. Lola Cruz is already explaining to her young grand-daughter what a marriage should be – that being not just based on love but also trust. Ever the famous line “hindi parang kaning isusubo na kapag mainit at mapaso, ay pwedeng iluwa”. (not like rice that you eat which you can easily spit out when it is hot).
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Sergio returns to Villa Santibanez in quite a sour mood. He is in deep thought when Angelika sees him and tries to flirt with him. She boldly tells him that Marimar is not the woman for him. He needs someone more sophisticated, more matured...when he sharply retorts, “and more scheming?” This stuns the often confident Angelika whom Sergio tells to go away.
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Just then Arturo arrives and asks him what’s the matter: to which he replies that he is not happy with the way Marimar seems to be upset with him. He is unable to think clearly and wants to settle this matter with his wife first. Just then, Renato calls him on his mobile telling him there’s a meeting with the investors and engineers and if he is interested in coming. Sergio declines saying he’s got matters to arrange first. Renato retorts that he’s just joined the company and should really make an effort to be consistent and work hard. However Sergio insists that he’s already done a lot but right now he needs to deal with a personal matter. Renato tells his son that he is really disappointed and ends the call. Arturo tells Sergio that perhaps he is now truly in love with Marimar seeing him so upset with them being apart. Sergio tells Arturo to prepare the boat and tell Corazon to prepare food good for a week. He plans to take his wife to an island where they can be together and spend their long-postponed honeymoon.

Innocencia has a visitor, her boyfriend who is asking why she has not even come to visit her sick mother. She gives him an envelope with lots of money. He suspects her saying that secretaries do not really earn that much, unless she is also sleeping with her boss. This angers Innocencia as she breaks up with her boyfriend.
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Marimar tells Fulgoso that although she is angry with Sergio, she does miss him so. She feels like one that is torn between love and anger and that she feels like she is so confused and at the edge of getting insane. While she is thinking this out loud to her mutt, Sergio comes and takes his wife with him by force. Sergio tells Marimar that they are going on a week-long trip in another island but MariMar remains angered. The boat that Sergio and Marimar ride breaks down in the middle of the sea. He asks for Marimar’s help in fixing the boat but the latter just mimics his request in a sarcastic way and further tells him that she’s not going to help in any way as she is still angry with him. A strong rain comes, so MariMar, Sergio, and Fulgoso head to a nearby island. As they reach the island, Fulgoso who is afraid of thunder breaks into a run. Marimar runs after Fulgoso while Sergio shouts for her to wait. Marimar does not ever look back, Sergio slips and hits his head on the rocks without Marimar knowing this.
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At the same time, the sleeping Angelika is awakened by Renato. She’s crying in her sleep shouting Sergio’s name. She knows that something horrible has happened to Sergio and convinces Renato that they must go and look for him. Renato is upset by this and tells Angelika to stop any feelings she has for his son as she is married to him.

Marimar finally finds Fulgoso and they go and look for Sergio. She finds him unconscious by the shore with a deep cut on his cheek. She shakes him to wake up, worry clearly etched on her face.


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