Marimar Episode 11

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Marimar's Innocence, Angelika's Deception

Angelika is busy fixing Marimar’s face, giving her make-up and advise on how to behave in the party. Monica and Fifi look on surprised at how naive Marimar is.
Marimar Philippine TV Series 48 Marimar Philippine TV Series 49
When the guests arrived, Angelika present Marimar to them. She looked like a clown in her overly-made-up face and a very unflatering smock. Despite this, Sergio proudly introduces Marimar to everyone as his wife which only angered Angelika more.

She then tasked Monica to talk to Sergio while she makes Marimar drink some alcoholic beverages. Not used to drinking, Marimar gets drunk immediately. Playing on her innocence, Angelika told Marimar that Monica is in love with Sergio and in fact the two are talking and flirting with one another.

This causes Marimar to be enraged as she attacks Monica and Sergio. The guests were in shock. In the scuffle, Sergio accidentally pushes Marimar and she fell into the pool. This caused Marimar to lash out at the guests asking whether it’s their first time to ever see a wet woman. Sergio asks her to come away with him but she refuses, saying this is her party and she will do whatever she wants. Renato, feeling quite embarrased, asked Sergio to take car of his wife and not create more scandal. He sees Angelika and Monica who seemed to be in a celebratory mood and suspected whether her wife had a hand in this.
Marimar Philippine TV Series 52 Meanwhile Sergio carried off Marimar to his pad and was calming her down. He told her he needs to go back to the party to bid the guests farewell and will be back soon. He left Marimar to the able hands of Corazon (Manilyn Reynes) who convinces Marimar that she needs a nice warm bath. Marimar Philippine TV Series 50 In the bathroom, Marimar is enjoying the bubbles when she accidentally turned on the jacuzzi causing her to scream about a monster in the water. Sergio who was apologizing to guests and saying his farewells heard this and he ran to Marimar’s rescue. He smiles as he discovers what it was that scared her and when he bent to turn off the jacuzzi, he slipped and fell into the bath with his wife.
Marimar Philippine TV Series 51Their eyes locked and Sergio asked Marimar not to look at him that way. “What way”, she asked and he replied, “That way when you look like you want me to kiss you.” Marimar admits, “but I do want you to kiss me”, and just when they were about to kiss, Angelika with Renato hot on her heels pushes open the bathroom door.

Sergio asks for a bit of privacy and the clearly disappointed Angelika steps back. Renato agrees and declares that all seems well and that they should leave the two lovebirds on their own.

Sergio and Marimar continue where they were abruptly interrupted leaving Angelika to worry that Sergio seems to have indeed fallen for Marimar.

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