Marimar Episode 16

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Marimar's Accident

When Marimar got trapped in the van Lola Cruz saw the box that contained Marimar’s necklace fall. Immediately she felt that something bad had happened to her granddaughter and told Pancho that they must go and see Marimar that same night. The old man advised her to let it wait until the morning as a storm is passing their way. She agrees but is visibly worried.
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The next day Marimar wakes up and Corazon is beside her – happy to see her looking better than the night before. Marimar is afraid that Sergio might be angry with her for trying to drive despite not knowing how. She was thinking of ways to explain to Sergio her impulsive actions that almost caused her her life when Sergio arrives. At first Marimar is stunned to silence but she sees his husband is actually carrying a try of soup for her.

Meanwhile Lola Cruz arrived and is met by Angelika who orders Perfecta to prepare a special meal for Cruz. She tells Perfecta to serve Cruz with dog food. Perfecta obeys and Fifi is scandalized at how Cruz can eat her food which is supposedly not for humans. But the innocent old woman was enjoying her meal, even asking Perfecta to eat with her.
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Angelika finds Sergio feeding Marimar soup and she mentions her grandmother is there to see her. She also reminded Sergio about the yatch trip he had planned with the investors. Marimar on hearing this pleaded with her husband if he could stay with her instead. He promised her that he will not go, further infuriating Angelika.

Marimar and Lola Cruz were reunited at Sergio’s flat. Marimar is back in bed and had fallen asleep with her grandmother with her. When he was sure Marimar is indeed asleep, Sergio calls Innocencia to hold the yatch as he is coming along.

Renato was very upset with the delay and finds out the reason why. Meanwhile, Marimar sees off her grandmother and sees Angelika who tells her that Sergio is on the yatch with her beautiful secretary Innocencia. She asks Angelika to accompany her to the yatch and they got onboard. During the cocktail party in the yacht, Innocencia falls in the sea and is saved by Sergio. Marimar sees Sergio giving Innocencia mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but thinks that Sergio, even in front of her, is kissing his secretary Innocencia. Marimar gets mad and makes a scene, Sergio pleads her not to embarrass him to the investors so Marimar told him he can go back to Innocencia if he wants to, she is definitely walking out and returning to her grandparents' house.


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