Rubi Philippine Remake starring Angelica Panganiban

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Rubi is the story of a woman full of secrets that will destroy the lives of the people closest to her heart once the truth comes out. As someone who’s fed up with her family’s poverty-stricken life, Rubi learns how to play her cards right to get what she wants even at the expense of her loved ones. How far will she go for the sake of her pursuit of power and wealth? Will she give up the man who truly loves her in favor of the one who showers her with everything that money can buy?


Virginia gives birth to her daughter while she’s still in prison, thus, leaving her no other choice but to put the kid for adoption. Immediately after her release, she goes in search for the child. And to her surprise, she learns that her daughter is actually under Arturo and Sylvanna’s care. Insistent to get her daughter back, Virginia relentlessly kidnaps her. And in line with her plan of starting a new life, she brings the kid to a far away town and she names her Rubi. Rubi obliviously roams around Manila. And in order to survive, she knocks on car windows to ask for alms. For months, she spent time along the busy streets. But fortunately, her time alone is immediately cut short by her unexpected reunion with her mother who has been searching for her all those times. On the other hand, since Sylvanna is still longing for their lost daughter, Theresa, she then decides to adopt a stray child named Maribel. But unfortunately for the poor child, she encounters a terrible car accident while driving with her foster father, thus, marking a permanent damage on her left leg.

Though they lack the cash, Rubi continuously lives in luxury. Apparently, her mother insistently spoils her with extravagance to make up for their uncalled for separation before. And though she knows that she couldn’t practically afford it, Virginia strives hard to send Rubi in a prestigious private school. On their way to inquire about admissions, Rubi accidentally comes across Maribel. And upon realizing that the young lady is filthy rich, Rubi instantly decides to befriend the disabled young lady. Maribel invites Rubi over to her house so that she could meet her parents. And immediately, the charming young lady gains the couple’s favor. And since she had finally earned Maribel’s trust, Rubi gets a peep in her new friend’s life. Maribel gladly introduces Hector, her long time chat-mate, to her. Aside from that, the young lady also discloses the fact that she is in fact an adopted daughter.

Main Cast

  • Angelica Panganiban as Rubi Perez/ Theresa Rodrigo/dela Fuente - Rubi is the type who will do whatever it takes in order to be rich and famous. For that to happen, she befriends an unsuspecting classmate who comes from a well-off family and uses that connection to achieve her evil schemes.
  • Jake Cuenca as Alejandro Cardenas  - His dream of becoming a doctor becomes a reality with the help of a scholarship grant from the foundation that Hector’s family has built. But since he’s a close friend of Hector, Rubi mistakenly concludes that he’s also filthy rich which is why she sets her eyes on him first.
  • Shaina Magdayao as Maribel dela Fuente - She is beautiful but very insecure due to her physical disability. But the fact that her adoptive parents have kept her pampered all her life has somehow compensated for her inferiority complex. She begins to open up to other people when she meets Rubi who defends her from the people who try to bring her down.
  • Diether Ocampo as Hector Ferrer - He was supposed to take over his family’s thriving luxury liner business, but he defies his mother’s wishes by pursuing a career in medicine instead. He agrees to his mom’s choice of a bride.

Supporting Cast

  • Cherry Pie Picache as Vivian Rodrigo/ Rosanna "Rose" Perez - Rubi's mother. Martyr yet courageous. Vivian had a very poor life, doing everything to earn money for her dying mother. She has done literally everything, stealing, conning or being a prostitute where she met and got pregnant by Arturo bearing Rubi. As she was pregnant, she was sent to jail where she met Danilo who have helped her get back on her feet. After hiding from the police, Vivian changed her name to Rosanna (Rose for short).
  • Cherie Gil as Sylvana Velasco-dela Fuente - Arturo's wife. Sylvana is infertile and is unable to bear a child. When Arturo found out about this, he was devastated, ran away and had an affair with a prostitute, Vivian. Sylvana has been suspicious of her husband, although after orphaning Rubi, who they have named Theresa, she coped with the suspicion without knowing that the child is indeed Arturo's daughter from another woman. After Theresa (Rubi) have been kidnapped and taken away by Vivian, Sylvana have decided with her husband to adopt another child, Maribel.
  • Gardo Versoza as Arturo dela Fuente - Rubi's father. After having an affair with Vivian, who was a prostitute at that time, he accidentally got her pregnant. Arturo ran away from Vivian and the child, on the thought of being used for his money. He apparently have orphaned Rubi without telling Vivian when she was on jail, yet he still lost her after Vivian kidnapped and kept Rubi. Arturo was devastated and felt remorse for her wife, shich caused him to adopt another child, Maribel.
  • Allan Paule as Danilo Capila - a policeman who have kept and looked after Vivian for having a house arrest. Danilo have fallen for Vivian. When Vivian ran away from him, his mother died and caused him to get fired from his job leaving him angry and devastated. He looked for Vivian and threaten her, although his love for her have driven more than his anger.
  • Kaye Abad as Princess Rodrigo/ Cristina Perez - Vivian's younger sister and Rubi's aunt, when she was young, she lived a tough life with her sister due to lack of money. She was even once sent by her sister to an orphanage after Vivian was sent to jail and when their mother died, although Virginia managed to get her back. When hiding from the police, Vivian asked Princess to changed her name to "Cristina" (after her mother's name Cristina Perez-Delgado, though she doesn't use "Delgado" as a surname).
  • Susan Africa as Yaya Pancha - trusted friend and the housekeeper of the Dela Fuente family. She seems very close to the family that they treat more than just a helper.
  • Wowie De Guzman as Cayetano - the Dela Fuente family's driver. There seems to be more of him that just being the driver. Cayetano seems to really like Cristina, starting to court her.
  • Coney Reyes as Elisa Ferrer - Hector's close and lovable mother. She does a lot of charities. She almost died giving birth to Hector, causing her to be obsessive to her son.
  • Juan Rodrigo as Genaro Ferrer - Hector's busy father. Owner of the big luxury liner business "Ferrer Group of Companies". He has a mistress and another son with her, Luis.
  • Dante Rivero as Dr. Jose Bermudez - Hector's uncle who's a neurosurgeon. Alejandro is his favourite intern in the hospital.
  • Bing Loyzaga as Carla Cardenas - Alejandro's mother
  • Rey PJ Abellana as Ignacio Cardenas - Alejandro's father
  • Megan Young as Sophia Cardenas - Alejandro's younger sister.
  • Xian Lim as Luis N. Ferrer / Luis G. Navarro - Sophia's boyfriend and is Hector's half-brother with his father's mistress.
  • James Blanco as Marco - another medical doctor intern and is Alejandro's friend in the hospital. He seems to like Cristina.

Extended Cast

  • Janus Del Prado as Wayne - Rubi's geeky friend who takes her to school. He basically became her slave.
  • Eva Darren as Mameng - a seller on a store around Rubi's suburban area.
  • Marvin Yap as Bibo - a vagrant in Rubi's Suburban area. He seems to be a joker and really likes Rubi.
  • Ryan Ramos as Tony - Cristina's secret boyfriend.
  • Melissa Mendez as Elena Navarro - a woman Hector's father is having an affair with.
  • Irish Fullerton as Nicole - Maribel's schoolmate who bullies her.
  • Regine Angeles as Lorena - another one of the female students bullying Maribel.
  • Mel Martinez as Lorreto Vallente - Rubi's fashion design teacher.
  • Arlene Tolibas as Hilda Marquez - Genaro's friend.
  • Mark Africa as Gabriel - Hector's evil co-worker.
  • Angel Sy as Nathalie N. Ferrer - Luis little sister and Elena's daughter.
  • Jon Avila as Saul - a guy who has a crush on Rubi. Nicole was obsessed with him.

Guest Cast

  • Xyriel Anne Manabat as Rubi/ Theresa (5 years old)
  • Aaliyah Benisano as Rubi (8 years old)
  • KC Aboloc as Princess/ Young Cristina

Watch Rubi Teaser Here:

video courtesy of aremhyrthecrooner

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