The Return of Darna in Philippine Primetime TV starring Marian Rivera

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Before making its way into television, Darna was popular in the world of comics. This epic story created by Mars Ravelo was made and remade into films until it was turned into a television series on GMA Network. It starred Angel Locsin as the iconic superhero and premiered in Filipino homes on 11 April 2005.

Darna tells the story of a simple girl who has the ability to become an extraordinary heroine in times of need. The series became a phenomenal hit among Filipinos reaching 47.1% rating in its pilot episode. With her inimitable charm, Locsin portrayed the role of Darna well and made the audience love her and the character. What sets Darna apart from other fantaseryes for one, is its character. Darna herself may be compared to superheroes from foreign countries but still maintain Filipino traits. Apart from the story and the characters that make up the series, the costumes and location were also a big factor in the success of the show, with meticulously designed costumes to fit each character.

Darna - Marian Rivera 01
Four years later, Darna was remade by the same network, but this time with a different cast, starring Marian Rivera as the lead character Darna. Even with a different artist in the title role, Darna continues to be a top rating fantaserye.

Years after the original Darna had battled the forces of evil, Narda learns that she is the anointed one chosen to save the world from evil forces. Nursing a broken heart, Narda declines because she believes that a simple and crippled woman like her cannot take such a huge responsibility. Her refusal simultaneously triggers the influx of evil forces in the town area, where Darna's rogues are found encased in ice. Narda finally concedes to her fate and accepts her destiny as the new Darna.

Watch The Making of Darna 2009

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Main cast

  •     Marian Rivera as Narda/Darna
  •     Mark Anthony Fernandez as Eduardo
  •     Iwa Moto as Valentina
  •     Dennis Trillo as Pancho

Supporting Cast
  •     Katrina Halili as Serpina
  •     Robert Villar as Carding
  •     Paolo Contis as Kobra
  •     Nadine Samonte as Roma/Babaeng Impakta
  •     Ehra Madrigal as Armida/Babaeng Lawin
  •     Francine Prieto as Lucifera/Babaeng Tuod
  •     Maggie Wilson as Lutgarda Morales/Babaeng Linta
  •     Rochelle Pangilinan as Babaeng Manananggal[4]
  •     Akihiro Sato as Vlamdir/Lalaking Bampira
  •     Jackie Rice as Helena/Helga Babaeng Demonyita
  •     Regine Velasquez as Queen of Venusa/Elektra
  •     Nina Kodaka as May/Babaeng Paniki
  •     Roxanne Barcelo as Aleli
  •     Alfred Vargas as Gabriel
  •     Celia Rodriguez as Perfecta
  •     Rufa Mae Quinto as Francesca
  •     Raymart Santiago as Crisanto
  •     Caridad Sanchez as Loleng
  •     Rita Avila as Alicia
  •     Eddie Garcia as Padre Mateo
  •     Ricky Davao as Dr. Morgan
  •     Polo Ravales as Shiro
  •     Krissa Mae Arrieta as Liberty
  •     Angel Aquino as Tagapangalaga ng Bato
  •     Gabby Eigenmann as Apollo
  •     Bearwin Meily as Watson
  •    Ian de Leon as Alfonso Molina

Source: Wikipedia

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