Marina (Philippine TV series)

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Marina 01
Marina was the first fantasy series, a Fantaserye (Fantasy Series), of Philippine media conglomerate ABS-CBN. It was first aired on February 2004, starring drama actress Claudine Barretto.


The Making

Three mermaid tails were made for Claudine Barretto to play her character, Marina: two for the water and one for land. The ones for the water were heavy for the actress to wear, and sometimes required four to six people to carry her. The one tail made for land was not as difficult on the actress: she was able to move, and was able to take it off if she needed to.

Production Crew


  • Wenn de Ramas
  • Andoy Ranay

  • Keiko Aquino

  • Agnes Gagilonia-Uligan


  • Already a good swimmer before the show, Claudine Barretto still took a diving course before taping started. Her role required her to swim up to 60 ft (18 m). underwater, which reportedly caused her ears to ache.
    Marina Mermaid TV Series 02

  • Claudine Barretto's double, certified diver Patty Lopez, used a mermaid tail similar in color and material to the one used by Claudine, except that Claudine's tail was smaller. Lopez was also later offered the role of the mermaid Neptuna on the series.

  • Claudine Barretto's mermaid tail costume's colors ("red/yellow-colored") were inspired by the mermaid Madison's tail colors from the film Splash.

  • Due to high public demand, this fantaserye is being replayed, which started last March 31, 2008 entitled Marina: The Director's Cut.

  • Marina will reunite Claudine with director Wenn Deramas, who directed her in such unforgettable projects as Mula sa Puso, Saan Ka Man Naroroon, Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan and Buttercup, as well as gifted young director Andoy Ranay.

  • The character of Pearly Shells (played by Chokoleit) reappeared in Dyosa, wherein Pearly's background story is retold up to the time when Dugong disappeared.

  • 2004 PMPC Star Awards for TV "Best Primetime-Drama Series"
  • 2004 PMPC Star Awards for TV "Best Female New TV Personality" (Pauline Luna)
  • 2004 Catholic Mass Madia Awards for "Outstanding Drama Series"
Watch Marina TV Series Tribute:

Sheryn Regis was chosen to sing the theme song of the series, a song composed by Raul Mitra and Cacai Velasquez-Mitra entitled "Kailan Kaya," which later became a big hit as part of Sheryn's debut album under Star Records entitled Come In Out of the Rain.

Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Дэнис Акантыч says:
    January 20, 2016 at 1:21 PM

    Prompt me , what the movie.About two years ago I watched drama about a mermaid. . Remember when the mermaid was swimming in the pond ( the wrap on the head and like a red tail), her noticed the dark-haired girl. The next day she threw water on the girl to prove that she is a mermaid, but his legs turned into a tail because of a friend of a mermaid previously wrapped them in something waterproof to protect from the effects of water
    There is a similar fragment in the drama of Jezebel, but she is unlike the heroine of the drama, which I watched, gets to the lab. Not suitable : the American film aquamarine, Just add water TV series; Korean little Mermaid, unlucky Princess, Indonesian Sinetron Putri Duyung.

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